Friday, February 29, 2008

Yearbook (2.5)

What else did I see? One long dry vine, with little opposite curly petioles coming off it and lengthwise greenish and yellowish striations, stretched across the ground under dead leaves and twigs for several yard to an abrupt constricted (chopped off?) end. As I left, the sun hit a side of the roof so that the tufts of moss sporophytes between shingles lit up like a field of luminous greenish-red eyelashes. And so, for many years, in a tale, on a peak, in their spacious separateness, he carried on a life devised in the free spaces of that vinyl siding, “sorbet” bra strap, mentholed awakeness, while she remained richly unconvinced, with one knuckle in her mouth. Snow the last day of February, wish I had a camera. Saw a psocopteran (bark louse), a green and orange spider, a Heliconias I mistook for an Ithomiid, a mealy bug and its shed vesture,big holes connecting two plants where the branches touched—Azteca ants?

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