Monday, May 26, 2008

Yearbook (5.4)

Next day, found bright white oyster mushrooms on alder logs, filled a cough drop bag, then a ziplock bag. When I opened it it was all phrases like “rolltop dusk.” People on the bus qualify their statements as “potentially,” “relatively.” And willows including Sitka and another, maybe Scouler’s (glabrous twigs and leaves, except strigillose, maybe slightly reddish, undersides of young leaves; the leaves were small, smooth-margined and rounded) with leaf galls: large blobby soft lumps, just green inside, dark red on top, green underneath. Very rainy today. On those stump benches at the library someone had left a pair of green girl’s shoes, a chunk of bread, and a silk vest with the whole pantheon of Looney Tunes characters depicted on it. Ruinous rain, waking the tongue.

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