Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stand on this picnic bench and look north

The sweet folks at Publication Studio Portland (a.k.a. Jank Editions) have published my book of poems, Stand on this picnic bench and look north. It comes in any number of file-folder colors, and is available as a print-on-demand book or e-book from their website, or at their store at 717 SW Ankeny St. You can also read it online using their "free reading commons."

They say:
Portland poet and editor of Peaches and Bats, Sam Lohmann, gives us a new book, Stand On This Picnic Bench and Look North. This collection of Lohmann's poetry delves into the language of landscapes – urban, rural, and domestic – that is unavoidably entangled in memory. "Americans think all landscape is narrative," and Lohmann indulges this cultural inclination with surprising effects and implications.

Thanks, Publication Studio!