Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Correspondence

Philip Guston, Morton Feldman, Clark Coolidge—the same artist working in three different media? (Feldman looks like a Guston gangster on the back cover of the CD "Crippled Symmetry" I just got from the library.) Studying the muddled pavements and stapled tarpaper exteriors of Portland this year has taught me a lot about these three workers in obscurity.


Chris said...

You're probably aware of this, but just in case, Guston did a portrait of Feldman, and Feldman did a piece "For Philip Guston".

I never thought of jazz-man Coolige in relation to Feldman and Guston, though.

Sam Lohmann said...

Well, Coolidge did a bunch of collaborations with Guston, and wrote a great talk/essay on Feldman. I guess to me they're all complex noodlers, lucid obfuscators, workers in lots of different scales from cartoon/one-liner/bagatelle to impossibly vast, shaggy-dog-like constructions. And CC's poetry doesn't really remind me of any particular jazz, though of course it's his own favorite analogy.