Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yearbook (3.5)

I cleaved no ether of my faith that I should sail and should sail dearer and more than the whitest of sails, and yet I should chant with more blue—on the sea of song, that is, on which I might hear of the New World at all—than the America with the most athletic Democracy of poems, the most celebrated bygones of surfaces, and the rightest pulse of life. Adam invented the snake out of the subtlest steam of his breath before he learned how to speak, before he knew he’d woken up, seeing it rise into the sky, the first sin all he failed to say. Horoscope: “Praise a loved one’s creative endeavor even though you secretly don’t get it.” Michaela compared a kelp tube to “octopus prophylactic.” Beautiful plane views. Not excerptible. “In a way it was fun not to see Mount Fuji in foggy rain.”

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