Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yearbook (3.4)

Aspect, spectrum, specter, suspect, spectacle, spectator, inspect, respect, specked, “Ah spect.” Some fries, a bit of Oreo milkshake, a bit of champagne with sorbet, some chocolate pudding, sips of whiskey and beer, and half a potato-rice-bean burrito. Thighs and marbles, thighs and yellow silk, thighs and cattails, thighs and mirrors, thighs and commas, thighs and argyle, thighs and charcoal, thighs and kelp. Clean kitchen, call DOT, email Tony, laundry, shopping, invite folks Tuesday. Iodine, wasabi, matches. Marry vowel to consonant, marry the book I’m reading, marry light and emulsion, marriage the golden ampersand. It’s forsythia, cherry, apple, quince, daffodil, star magnolia, camellia, osoberry, red-flowering currant time.

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